Last week Tuesday John and i went to Ella’s parent teachers evening to see how Ella was getting on.

The teachers explained how well Ella is doing and how advanced she is with her literacy, maths and reading. They also explained that Ella is well above where she needs to be with her being in the highest group.

Her teachers went on to explain how the children had written a piece in literacy about the chicks that had hatched and how impressed they were with what Ella had written.  And although there were a few spelling mistakes and lack of full stops, they went on to say that her writing is even better than that of most year ones. We were told not to worry to much about the full stops as they are yet to cover that.

We also got to look at a picture book  which showed what Ella got up to in maths. I must admit our daughter is quite the poser in front of the camera and is just about posing in every single picture, we had a good little giggle about this. *Haha the joys of being a bloggers daughter*.

Ella got an outstanding report and we couldn’t be prouder of her, well done Ella sweetheart!!!