Holly’s 2nd Birthday – Happy Birthday Snuggle Bunny!


My dearest darling Holly,

Happy birthday Snuggle Bunny today you’re TWO wow!!

Sadly my darling little princess you birthday didn’t go as planned and for that I’m truly sorry! You see mommy had all these wonderful ideas planned for your second birthday. Unfortunately mommy went into hospital 6 days before your birthday. If everything went to plan I would have been out of hospital the next day. But sadly that was not the case and mommy, ended up having to stay in right up until the morning of your birthday. I was meant to get out the night before but the nurses ignored the doctor, and well you see they kept me in an extra night because I still had a temperature.

So that meant not only did you wake up on your birthday without your mommy who so desperately wanted to be there with you. But you also woke up to no presents, cards, birthday decorations put up or even a cake.

Mommy was luckily enough to get out of hospital early that morning so you and daddy came to pick me up. We then drove you to Toys R Us were we bought you the peppa pig weeble wobbles that you so desperately wanted for your birthday. After we got out of Toys R Us we popped across to Clintons where we bought you a birthday balloon.


After that we went home where you played happily with your birthday present, whilst daddy cooked us lunch and mommy put up a few decorations for you. Once lunch was done and dusted it was time to collect Ella from school. Daddy then treated you and Ella to some sweeties from the sweet shop across from school.

Although you just wanted to go home to play with your new toys we popped into Sainsburys to buy you a cake *sorry baby I really wanted to bake you a Peppa cake*! Instead you got a Thorntons Triple Layer Chocolate cake.

Oh sweetheart when we got home you were over the moon to be reunited with your new toys.

Sadly you weren’t very nice to your big sister and you wouldn’t share your toys. You kept screaming no my Peppa,  no I’m playing with George etc… Oh baby girl not only did you make Ella so sad but mommy too. You see you and Ella normally play and share so very nicely together so it broke both our hearts to see you like this.

We ended the day with daddy buying us Chinese for dinner as your birthday meal.

So although nothing went to plan you still had a good day from what we could see from your beautiful smiles.

P.s. We’ll have your birthday cake tomorrow pssst maybe even for breakfast *giggles*

We love you to the moon and back birthday girl! Xoxo

Wicked Wednesday #36 – In your face!

*Giggles* my mommy thought she was being very clever at taking these pictures of me nicking Nutella straight outta the jar. Ooòh but what my naughty mommy failed to see is that you can see just how dirty our hob is…


            Tut-tut naughty mommy!!!!

You should’ve made sure you that you wiped down the hob and surfaces before trying to incriminate me.

Mommy so all you have now is me looking all cute sat on your untidy counter next to the dirty hob.

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I scream you scream we all scream for ice-cream!

The Sunday before last the hubby took us all out for a spot of afternoon ice-cream at Sunnybank Gardens and The Yorkshire Ice-cream Farm .

It was only a short scenic drive away. Which meant Holly didn’t get to restless in her car seat.

When we got there and saw all the *yummylicious* ice-cream wowzer! Let’s just say the girls’ face’s weren’t the only face’s that lite up like a Christmas tree. *Haha*

Before we bought our ice-creams we popped to the toilets and had a play in the lovely playground. Just until the ice-cream parlour queue had disappeared. That’s when we decided to pop in and purchase our ice-creams. 



After what felt like an eternity of trying to decide on what flavours we all wanted, we then headed back outside to find a seat. Unfortunately Holly dropped her ice-cream and was rather upset about it, not that I blame her. Once I had reassured her that it was okay and that she could share our ice-creams she was fine.

I then headed back inside to the ice-cream parlour to asked them for a new tub, to put some ice-cream in for Holly.

Mmmm doesn’t it just look super scrummy?



We definitely thought so!

When all of the scrummy ice-cream was devoured Ella and Holly went back to playing.

Until it was just after 5 pm when we decided to head home but not before buying one last round of ice-cream to eat on the way home.



Between us we ended up having 17 scoops of ice-cream *blushes*.

And do you know what we can’t wait for our next visit!!!

Monthly Monday Melfie #6 – September

Happy first Monday of the month everybody! I’m linking up with the gorgeous Elfa at Californianmuminlondon for the fabulous linky that is #monthlymondaymelfie.

With last month’s Melfie just being of Ella and I because Holly refused to have her picture taken, I found it fitting that this month it should just be Holly and I.

So while we were out and about at the park on the first morning Ella went back to school I took this Melfie.

Haha I just love her facial expression in it.


Californian Mum in London

My Sunday Photo #33 – #SaveSyriasChildren


On Friday a group of ladies with a heart of gold added me to a Facebook group called “Save Syria’s Children Charity Challenge”. I must admit when I was first added to this group I had absolutely no idea what it was about, or why they had chosen to add me. As I never watch the news because quite frankly I find it to depressing.

But as I read more and more of threads and learned about Aylan’s tragic fate my heart started to break. It broke for little Aylan who lay there dead on the beach, it broke for his brother who wasn’t much older, his mother and for his father who they had all left behind. I can’t even begin to imagine the heart break his father is going through.

So I decided enough was enough and that was why I was going to do anything I could to help. I know I haven’t done much but at least I have tried to make a difference. Even if its just raising awareness, signing a petition and donating to a worthy cause.

It’s so scary to think that this could easily have been us or our loved ones if we weren’t born into a country so privileged in comparison.

If you to would like to make a difference then please feel free to text ‘SYRIA’ to 70008 and donate just £5.

Or if you would prefer to donate online instead then please click here.

Should you be interested in signing this petition too then please click here.


Word of the week #30 – Scared

Holly for the past few weeks seems to be going through a phase were she is constantly telling me she’s scared. I think it has something to do with the binmen making a racket one morning while she was playing happily in Ella’s bedroom. Shame she came hurtling out of Ella’s bedroom in such a state saying  ‘I scared, I scared, I scared’! It took a little while to calm her down even after showing her it was just the binmen, and telling her repeatedly that she’s safe.

Now every single little noise sets her off and she constantly throughout the day tells me she’s scared. Holly has even taking to asking me what every noise she hears is. As you can imagine it’s not always easy to know what specific  sound she is referring to especially when we are out and about.

We do our best to reassure her that she’s safe but we don’t seem to be getting anywhere. Holly is also now to scared to go off and play in Ella’s bedroom on her own most of the time, so one of us have to accompany her.

Has mummies or daddies experienced the same thing with their little ones, and if so what did you do to try and assure your child?

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The Reading Residence

Year 1 – Mommy’s Little Hedgehog…

My dearest darling Ella,

Today you started year 1 and you were super duper excited about it. You were so eager to get to school this morning that you were up and dressed well before 7 o’clock.

You then sat and had breakfast with daddy at the big table. Where you had a bowl of coco pops. After breakfast mommy did your hair.

Then you played with Holly for a bit before lying in the hallway admiring and talking to your new school shoes. You excitedly told your shoes how you were going to wear them today. You just love your new shoes and how shiny they are!

Before leaving the house daddy brushed your teeth, and i took this photo of you to mark your first day in year 1. My gosh where has the time gone? *fights back the tears*.


Daddy drove us to school where he stood and waited with us for a few minutes. It wasn’t much longer after daddy left that your classroom door opened. We made our way inside where we hung your bag on a hook and put your book bag away. Once all that was done you sat at your desk where your name card was. Holly and I sat behind you and we started reading Winnie’s Pirate Adventure.

We had to stop halfway through though as we needed to sign and date your school promise thingy. I read, signed and dated. Then it was your turn so I read it you and got you to right your name and date it. In all the excitement you some how managed to forget how to do the “e” in your surname so I had to help you out. *Ssssh that will be our little secret*.

Then it was time for us to say our good byes. So I gave you a squishy cuddle told you to be as good as gold, to have a good day and that I’d be back to pick you up later.

Love you to the moon and back Squeezie!! Xoxo

P.s. When I picked you up from school you told me you had a great day. You told me you learnt about castles and that you had gammon, carrots, mash and gravy for lunch. Oh and most importantly you like your teachers.

It’s party time…Oh it’s party time!

On Saturday morning the girls attended Evie’s 5th birthday party. It was a meet the creatures kind of party. There was a royal python called Crusher, some other sort of snake who’s name has escaped me, a gorgeous fluffy bunny, two different kinds of geckos, cockroach and a snail.

The children were all asked to sit in a circle as they were introduced to each of the creatures. They were then given a few facts about them before being given the chance to hold them.

Here you can see Ella hiding behind daddy as the lady introduced Crusher the royal python to the kiddies. Haha I love the fact that she still managed to smile for me, even though she was cowering behind daddy.


It wasn’t long before Crusher was put away *pheeew *.

Then out came the bearded dragon. Now this little fella appealed way more to Ella, and she was actually brave enough to let him rest on her leg for a few minutes.


Next out was the gorgeous fluffy bunny which the girls absolutely adored! Sadly I didn’t manage to get a good picture of the girls and the bunny. Not to long after the bunny got put back in his enclosure did John and Holly duck out of the party.

John being the fantastic daddy he is took Holly home to get Peppa, and to grab some antihistamines as the lovely bunny had set him off.

Whilst John and Holly were out Ella and the rest of the kiddies made some creatures of there own. As you can see Ella chose to make a spider.


When the kids were done crafting it was time to get back to the creatures.

Out came two different species of geckos which Ella bravely held and had her picture taken with.



After the geckos it was time for the cockroach to make an appearance.  Oh gosh now this I did not anticipate. I couldn’t believe my ears when Ella she was going to hold the cockroach. If I hadn’t seen it with my own eyes to i definitely would have believed it either. 


Aaack can you believe how happy she looks to be holding this disgusting little creature?

Just after Ella had held the cockroach Holly came bounding through the doors with Peppa pig and daddy.

The children were all sent to go and wash their hands next. When they came back from washing their hands they sang happy birthday to the birthday girl, then tucked into the lovely party food.

By this time the bouncing castle had been blown up so the girls went off to bounce.

Holly was in her element here and bounced until her heart was content.  The only time the girls came off was to have an ice-cream.




I just love picture of Holly giving daddy an ice-cream kiss. It’s so sweet and just screams cuteness!

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My Monthly Bucket List – September

Oh my gosh how is it almost September already *gulps*. I can’t believe how very fast the months are whizzing by!

I’m afraid last month was not a very productive month at all for me. With so very much going on and all the stress about going into hospital, and then my op not happening I have been so unfocused!

So it looks like September is just going to have to be a do over for me. As the only thing I have managed to do is read a chapter or so of my book *blushes*.

Now without futher a due here is my August/September #MonthlyBucketList :

1} Date night with the hubby. Fingers crossed this month will be the month.
2} Spend one on one time with Ella!
3} Read some more of my book or at the very least finish it.
4} Cut down on junk

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