On Sunday morning daddy treated us to the most picturesque family adventure ever. Where was this adventure you ask? Well it was in Leeds at Tropical world and well worth the drive.

From the moment we got there we were in total awe of the beautiful autumnal colours and we were only in the gardens attached to Tropical World.


Even Ella on more than one occasion kept saying how pretty or beautiful it was. It makes me truly happy that my five and a half year old can appreciate the beauty of nature!

Every little section seemed to have a different sort of theme to it. There were beds of roses and a miniature maze for children which also contained roses throughout.



To the left and through an archway was a beautiful little garden with a fountain in the middle of it. Ella and Holly were drawn to the fountain straight away and quite happily stood there looking at it.





At the one end of this little garden was the most gorgeous little tree with vibrant red leaves. The girls both really enjoyed exploring this little garden as they got to climb up and around the gorgeous little red tree. The minutes seemed to just vanish before you as you took in the beauty of this garden and explored it!

Once we were finished exploring we went inside to explore Tropical World. Upon entering the building we were greeted by the most magnificent gift shop i had ever seen! There were even toys hanging from the ceiling and the displays were just *wow*.

We paid our entrance fee at the till and off we went.

First up were the butterflies which our girls absolutely loved as they got to hold them. They were very gentle with them and didn’t once touch their wings. I can’t tell you how many times we went around this section as the girls just loved holding the butterflies.




Forget about the Koi


or the crocodile


and even the turtles that were in this section too.


As the girlies were only interested in the butterflies. *Bless them*
Ella was even so kind as to pass the butterfly onto other little children who stood watching in amazement.

Once we finally made it to the next section we were greeted by big tanks. the first tank contained Paranhas . I can’t recall what any of the other fishes were called sadly. But we did manage to see some other big fishes getting fed, which was pretty awesome. They ate grapes, pieces of bananas etc and in a single gulp to *yikes*.



Through the next section were the tropical birds and a lovely waterfall.



After that and one level up were the snakes *yuck, yuck, yuck* and a few other reptiles.


on the other side and well away from the snakes were some kind of monkeys, which you passed as you headed out to the next section.


On to find the memekats {meerkats} we went. *It was kinda like a bear hunt as we got to go over a bridge and everything.* lol


When we finally got to the memekats *oops sorry* meerkats! both Ella and Holly sat quietly watching them in a trance like state.


After some time we finally managed to pry them away from the meerkats it was onto the nocturnal section for us. Where we saw bats and other various nocturnal animals, just like the snake section we didn’t spend long there but just passed through quickly as Holly doesn’t enjoy being in the dark.

Before  we knew it we were in the last section where the beautiful coloured tropical fishes, seahorses and yet more turtles were.

20151025_133911 20151025_134114

This was a rather small and busy little section so it took a little time to get through. Once we managed to get through this section we ended up where we had started right back at the butterflies. Which of course meant we had to do the butterfly section at least another two times!

On our way out we went around the gift shop so the girls could choose a souvenir. Both Holly and Ella ended up choosing a meerkat which are a tad different, as Ella got one with big sparkly eyes. We all also got an ice-cream which we sat and ate out in the garden by the miniature maze.


Which was a perfect way to end such a wonderful family outing.

Did you get up to anything special this weekend?

You Baby Me Mummy