There is just something so magical about imagination. With it you can be anyone or anything you choose to be. You can travel to far a way places. Be a princess, a prince or even a knight in shining armour the possibility are endless!

That’s why this week has been extra special as I’ve gotten to watch Holly’s imagination come to life. It’s so sweet watching her imagination unfold as she lies there on her changing mat, with nothing more than her little fingers and endless imagination! As she lies there on her back her little fingers are magically transformed into Peppa pig and George, and she quite happily lies there playing as I go about changing her.

Her imagination doesn’t stop there. I see it as she sits quietly playing on her own surrounded by her favourite toys.

Imagination is something truly magnificent and should be encouraged on a daily basis. For without our lives would become ever so dull, and after all does our creativity not stem from our imagination?

The Reading Residence