To my beautiful Angels,

I know I don’t talk to you like I used to do before. In truth you may even seem to think that I have forgotten you and all. My darlings my sweet, sweet darlings this couldn’t be further from the truth.

How could I ever forget yous. You both meant the world to me and always will. When I lost you both and only several months apart my world as I knew it came tumbling down. Never have I know such heartache and in truth I’ve been through a lot. But nothing on earth comes close to losing the both of you!

When I lost yous my heart broke like it’s never broken before. I literally fell apart. I ached for yous like I’ve never ached for one or anything.

Thoughts of all the things I’d never get experience with you both came rushing to the surface, and along with them came the endless tears.

It was the darkest and hardest days of my life! 

A time I will never forget either,  because before all that heartache, came all the love and joy. My darling angels you are still very loved and you always will be. As you carry a piece of my heart with yous!

So please remember how loved you are and that you mean the world to me.

Fly high my beautiful angels…