Aaack what’s going on here? Where has my sweet little princess gone and when did she become such a MADAM??


I don’t know what it is lately but Holly is being such a madam. The cheek we are getting off her is unreal, and if that wasn’t bad enough you should hear the way she’s talking to her sister. *Yikes*

Could it be? Now that she’s just gone two that we are hitting the threenager ALREADY!?! *Oh please God no!*

Over the last week or so she has gone from my sweet sweet little girl to a moody stroppy tantrum throwing little madam. *Shudders*. I have told her off numerous times for the way she is talking to her big sister and everyone else. But sadly it doesn’t do any good.

Quite frankly I’m out of ideas on how to deal with my stroppy little tot. As I have tried everything short of picking her up and putting her on time out {which I of course can’t at the moment}.

Signing off one very baffled and almost grey mommy. Xoxo 💋

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