My dearest darling Holly,

Happy birthday Snuggle Bunny today you’re TWO wow!!

Sadly my darling little princess you birthday didn’t go as planned and for that I’m truly sorry! You see mommy had all these wonderful ideas planned for your second birthday. Unfortunately mommy went into hospital 6 days before your birthday. If everything went to plan I would have been out of hospital the next day. But sadly that was not the case and mommy, ended up having to stay in right up until the morning of your birthday. I was meant to get out the night before but the nurses ignored the doctor, and well you see they kept me in an extra night because I still had a temperature.

So that meant not only did you wake up on your birthday without your mommy who so desperately wanted to be there with you. But you also woke up to no presents, cards, birthday decorations put up or even a cake.

Mommy was luckily enough to get out of hospital early that morning so you and daddy came to pick me up. We then drove you to Toys R Us were we bought you the peppa pig weeble wobbles that you so desperately wanted for your birthday. After we got out of Toys R Us we popped across to Clintons where we bought you a birthday balloon.


After that we went home where you played happily with your birthday present, whilst daddy cooked us lunch and mommy put up a few decorations for you. Once lunch was done and dusted it was time to collect Ella from school. Daddy then treated you and Ella to some sweeties from the sweet shop across from school.

Although you just wanted to go home to play with your new toys we popped into Sainsburys to buy you a cake *sorry baby I really wanted to bake you a Peppa cake*! Instead you got a Thorntons Triple Layer Chocolate cake.

Oh sweetheart when we got home you were over the moon to be reunited with your new toys.

Sadly you weren’t very nice to your big sister and you wouldn’t share your toys. You kept screaming no my Peppa,  no I’m playing with George etc… Oh baby girl not only did you make Ella so sad but mommy too. You see you and Ella normally play and share so very nicely together so it broke both our hearts to see you like this.

We ended the day with daddy buying us Chinese for dinner as your birthday meal.

So although nothing went to plan you still had a good day from what we could see from your beautiful smiles.

P.s. We’ll have your birthday cake tomorrow pssst maybe even for breakfast *giggles*

We love you to the moon and back birthday girl! Xoxo