On Friday a group of ladies with a heart of gold added me to a Facebook group called “Save Syria’s Children Charity Challenge”. I must admit when I was first added to this group I had absolutely no idea what it was about, or why they had chosen to add me. As I never watch the news because quite frankly I find it to depressing.

But as I read more and more of threads and learned about Aylan’s tragic fate my heart started to break. It broke for little Aylan who lay there dead on the beach, it broke for his brother who wasn’t much older, his mother and for his father who they had all left behind. I can’t even begin to imagine the heart break his father is going through.

So I decided enough was enough and that was why I was going to do anything I could to help. I know I haven’t done much but at least I have tried to make a difference. Even if its just raising awareness, signing a petition and donating to a worthy cause.

It’s so scary to think that this could easily have been us or our loved ones if we weren’t born into a country so privileged in comparison.

If you to would like to make a difference then please feel free to text ‘SYRIA’ to 70008 and donate just £5.

Or if you would prefer to donate online instead then please click here.

Should you be interested in signing this petition too then please click here.