Holly for the past few weeks seems to be going through a phase were she is constantly telling me she’s scared. I think it has something to do with the binmen making a racket one morning while she was playing happily in Ella’s bedroom. Shame she came hurtling out of Ella’s bedroom in such a state saying  ‘I scared, I scared, I scared’! It took a little while to calm her down even after showing her it was just the binmen, and telling her repeatedly that she’s safe.

Now every single little noise sets her off and she constantly throughout the day tells me she’s scared. Holly has even taking to asking me what every noise she hears is. As you can imagine it’s not always easy to know what specific  sound she is referring to especially when we are out and about.

We do our best to reassure her that she’s safe but we don’t seem to be getting anywhere. Holly is also now to scared to go off and play in Ella’s bedroom on her own most of the time, so one of us have to accompany her.

Has mummies or daddies experienced the same thing with their little ones, and if so what did you do to try and assure your child?

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