My dearest darling Ella,

Today you started year 1 and you were super duper excited about it. You were so eager to get to school this morning that you were up and dressed well before 7 o’clock.

You then sat and had breakfast with daddy at the big table. Where you had a bowl of coco pops. After breakfast mommy did your hair.

Then you played with Holly for a bit before lying in the hallway admiring and talking to your new school shoes. You excitedly told your shoes how you were going to wear them today. You just love your new shoes and how shiny they are!

Before leaving the house daddy brushed your teeth, and i took this photo of you to mark your first day in year 1. My gosh where has the time gone? *fights back the tears*.


Daddy drove us to school where he stood and waited with us for a few minutes. It wasn’t much longer after daddy left that your classroom door opened. We made our way inside where we hung your bag on a hook and put your book bag away. Once all that was done you sat at your desk where your name card was. Holly and I sat behind you and we started reading Winnie’s Pirate Adventure.

We had to stop halfway through though as we needed to sign and date your school promise thingy. I read, signed and dated. Then it was your turn so I read it you and got you to right your name and date it. In all the excitement you some how managed to forget how to do the “e” in your surname so I had to help you out. *Ssssh that will be our little secret*.

Then it was time for us to say our good byes. So I gave you a squishy cuddle told you to be as good as gold, to have a good day and that I’d be back to pick you up later.

Love you to the moon and back Squeezie!! Xoxo

P.s. When I picked you up from school you told me you had a great day. You told me you learnt about castles and that you had gammon, carrots, mash and gravy for lunch. Oh and most importantly you like your teachers.