I have been nominated by the lovely Lisa from Intotheglade for this challenge.

The challenge is to list ten things that you love and ten you hate – to get to know each other a bit better!

Ten things I love :

1} My girls
2} My husband
3} Spoiling loved ones
4} Taking pictures
5} Our family outings
6} A clean house
7} Smelling girlie
8} Reading
9} Being pregnant
10} Living in Africa 

Ten things I hate :

1} Seeing my girls upset
2} When my girls get hurt
3} Moving house
4} People spitting it’s so disgusting.
5} litter
6} People who have no manners
7} Being bored
8} Housework
9} Being late
10} Liars

Now it’s time for me to nominate a few lovely bloggers:

1} Melody from Domesstique
2} Julie from pickinguptoys
3} Caroline from diaryofamumof3
4} Em from SnowingIndoors
5} Shannon from Shannonagains