Yippee it’s Friday which means not only is it Ella’s last day in Reception, but it’s also time to link up with Jocelyn over at TheReadingResidence for #wotw.


This week my word of the week is “Bing”.

Aaaàh  ‘Bing’ what a welcoming sight you’ve been. With you dominating the tv this week it has meant I haven’t had to sit and watch Peppa pig over and over again. You’re not rude and full of attitude like a certain little pig whom we shalln’t name lol. No instead you’re sweet and enjoyable to watch.

Holly really loves watching you too. So much so that before you have even finished properly she’s demanding for the next episode to be put on! Now I’m  not gonna lie to you this can be rather annoying as you literally have to have your fingers glued to the remote to cope with her demands and to stop her hyperventilating. *Drama queen much* lol.

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