Wow you’re 22 months old tomorrow  my dear sweet little princess and only two months off your second birthday. Gees where has the time gone?

Every month brings with it new adventures and so many more new milestones.

Vocabulary :
I’m absolutely loving how well your speech is coming a long  and the amazing new sentences you are stringing together. My heart has literally been melting with each new sentence you have formed! Here are a few of your new sentences :

● Freya what are you doing?
● Good morning Ella!
● I want Bing on please mommy
● I no want it!

There are so many more which unfortunately I can’t remember off of the topof my head.

Our trips to the park :
You absolutely love our little trips to the park and you could quite happy spend hours there. Your confidence continues to grow with every trip we take there. Sometimes you forget just how little you are as you attempt to master the bigger sections.


One of your favourite things there is the balancing beams, it won’t be to much longer until you’re able to do it on your own. The other day in the big park you were learning how to climb up the other side of the slide just like the big kids do. Again it won’t be to long until you have mastered this too as you are a clever cookie!


Bubbles :
Since learning to blow bubbles on Sunday morning this is what you want to do at every possible moment. You absolutely love blowing bubbles and is it any wonder why, when they bring you so much joy. I love watching you blow bubbles even if your dress does get soaked in the process because you have to dip it a couple of hundred times. Lol


Peppa pig :
Hmmmm it appears you have become obsessed with Peppa pig. So much so that as soon as your grey Peppa dress gets washed you have to wear it regardless of whether it’s dry or not. And yes more often it isn’t dry which means we have to help it along with the hairdryer.


Yes you read right we dry Peppa with the hairdryer
Pssst Holly you’ve become a pro at this *giggles*.

Nursery Rhymes :
It’s so sweet how you randomly walk around singing a few of your favourite nusery rhymes. As your vocabulary improves so does your ability to sing more of the nursery rhymes.

Here are a few of your favourites at present:

● Row row row your boat
● Incy wincy spider
● Baa baa black sheep
● Humpty dumpty
● Hey diddle diddle 


Singing Row row row your boat....

Time to yourself :
You love to wonder off sometimes to go and play quietly on your own. You can play for quite sometime on your own chattering away. This is lovely to sit and observe.


Happily playing on your own....

Books :
I’m so thrilled to see you have a love for books just like your big sister and I. It’s so sweet how at the spur of the moment we’ll see you hurtling outta the lounge only to return a few moments later clutching the latest book you want reading to you.


I can’t wait to see what next month holds for you my precious little Snuggle Bunny. Xx