Saturday :

Our trip to town :


About to climb into the car and go to town


Holly in the car on the way to town

On Saturday morning we headed into town to go and get daddy’s hair cut.As well as to pick up Jamie’s birthday present for later that day, when we would be attending his party. While we were wating for daddy to have his hair cut, Holly had all the people in the waiting area guessing what her hat was lol. Let’s just say Holly’s lovely hat caused a lot of amusement. Once daddy’s head was shaved we popped into argos to collect Jamie’s present we had reserved. By then the girls were thirsty and hungry so we popped into an off license. Where we bought them milkshakes and chippies before heading to the car. We strapped the girls in and headed home to wrap Jamie’s present as well as get Ella to write his card out. By now it was fast approaching party time. Which meant it was time to hope back into the car and head to the community centre.

Party time :

Upon arriving at the community centre for Jamie’s party I took this lovely photo of Ella.


Stunning isn’t she!

The party seemed to be a hit with all the children. There was even a magician and he had a white rabbit called Popcorn. All the children simply adored him. Ella cleaned up at the party games as usual. She got a prize for dancing on her bum and getting off the floor quickest. It was lovely as there were no losers in the end. There was also a game to see who could jump the most times before the music ended, which she was one of four to qualify for. Ella went on to win this game as she had to get more than the previous girl who got a hundred and ten. When he got around to Ella, the magician told her she had to have jumped more than a hundred and ten times. He then proceeded to ask her how many times she jumped to which Ella answered a thousand times. Well all the parents including ourselves packed out laughing. The magician then declared Ella the winner lol.

As the party drew to an end the children all got to stroke Popcorn and have their picture taken with him.

Sunday :

Scunthorpe trip :
On Sunday morning we decided to take a trip out to Scunthorpe to Toys R Us. That way the girls could spend the money their great aunty Angie had given them, for the great report card Ella had gotten on Friday.

Ella and Holly were so happy to finally arrive at Toys R Us and to choose their desired toys. Ella purchased a my little pony called Rarity for £14.99 and Holly purchased five little Peppa pig figurines for £9.99


We then took Holly across the road to B&M where she purchased a Peppa pig nightie and Peppa pig story book with the last of her money. Before heading back to Doncaster we stopped in at Tesco for a toilet break and some refreshments.

Feeding the horses :
Upon arriving back in Doncaster we headed for Sainsburys to do the last of our shopping. And to pick up some carrots for our four legged friends. At home we off loaded our shopping and picked up the apples before walking up to feed the horses. Holly was thrilled to discover that there was an extra little horse to feed.

Bubble fun :
After we were done feeding the horses we headed back home to blow bubbles. As early that morning I discovered that Holly was now able to blow bubbles. I was really thrilled for her as it was the first time she’s been able to blow bubbles. From the pictures below you can see just how much fun they actually had.





What did you get upto this weekend?

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