Please tell me it’s not just my toddler who has to go to bed wearing odd things, or with far to many toys etc..

Yip this is Holly’s latest crazy/phase. Why errm because all the cool tots are doing it! Naaàh more like because if she doesn’t all hell breaks loose *Yikes*.

Oh gosh for the last month or more Holly has been going to bed wearing tights, shoes, a hat and her hello kitty sunglasses. Because if you tell her she can’t she then throws an almighty paddy which disturbs her sister. We have tried reasoning with her, we have tried putting her on time out. And it has done nothing but escalate the situation.

So we have done the only thing we can which causes less upset and doesn’t disturb her big sister’s beauty sleep. Yes like suckers we have given into the demands of our volcanic toddler. Oh but wait as soon as she’s asleep we very carefully and I mean ever so carefully remove all her unnecessary accessories and toys.

Don’t get me wrong we have had to say no to some of her crazier demands. Like going to sleep with her bike or a cup of water *yes you read right an actual cup of water*.

To be fair it’s all about picking which battles you can actually win as opposed to giving in. So it really is more of a win in the end if you think about it and way more less stressful.

Here are a few crazy snapshots of Holly and her bedtime craziness.


Do you have to same bedtime madness with your little ones?