Well with Holly turning 20 months yesterday i can’t help but wonder when I should potty train her….

Is she ready???

Sometimes I think she is. As she’ll tell me wee wee or poo poo and other times she’ll just sit there in her dirty nappy! Then there are the times she has told me she has done a poo poo only for me to discover she has actually done a wee wee instead.

Surely these are little signs that she is aware that she has a dirty bum and that she needs to have it changed. Holly can even tell you what she requires for a bum change ie nappy, wipes, tissue and nappy bag.

On occasion she has even asked to use Ella’s toilet which I have let her. Only for her to sit there smiling and then ask for tissue as she’s done *not that she has actually done anything on the toilet*.

So now do I take the plunge and go for it, or do I wait a little bit longer and see?