As of late Holly is obsessed with animals of any kind they seem to bring her so much joy.

Should she spot a dog on the school run she gets so very excited and ends up in a fit of giggles, which is uber cute!

And while she has seen quite a few dogs of late she had never interacted with one until yesterday. Yesterday while we were in town due to Ella getting her eyes retested we saw an incredibly friendly dog. 

This dog was helping to raise awareness for some wildlife organisation. Upon spotting him Holly was so estatic and just wanted to get as close as possible to the dog. Having seen this the owner of the dog said she could stroke her, but I wasn’t entirely sure about letting her as I didn’t know how she would react or how gentle she’d be. But the owner was rather insistent and kept assuring me that she is very friendly.

So in the end I kinda gave in as little Holly was super keen and kept edging closer to the dog. To be honest I’m really glad I did as the smile on Holly’s face just made my heart melt!

We later went back with daddy and Ella to see Holly’s new found friend and to take them some of daddy’s pennies. And while we were there not only did I manage to get a picture of the girls with Holly’s new friend, but the girlies also were allowed to give her a treat….How awesome was that!


Holly's fury friend...