Tonight Holly wasn’t at the dinner table for more than a minute, before turning her nose up at her food and demanding to get down from the table.

Daddy tried to get her to eat but she wasn’t having any of it. In fact she was that adamant she didn’t want to eat her food that she was bordering on throwing a tantrum.

So tonight I just calming said ‘fine Holly don’t eat your food’! And I told daddy to remove her from the table.

And once she was down she was very pleased with herself.

That’s okay though as I’m hoping maybe just maybe if I continue to do this no matter how much I feel like a bad parent, that she’ll finally give in and eat what is put down in front of her.


Chicken pasta, garlic doughball and veggies

We even left her plate where she could reach it should she decide she was hungry enough to eat. Not that she touched it but hey.

Lol she even had the cheek to ask for a Belvita breakfast biscuit and of course the answer was no.

P.s. No food was wasted in the end as daddy just polished it off as Holly is tucked up and fast asleep in bed now.